Who We Are

Coast to Coast Cabinets serves homeowners, industry professionals and other residential builders by emphasizing integrity and excellence in the quality, price, installation and service of the cabinets we offer.

We are confident in our ability to work with you and meet your needs as a builder, developer, homeowner, contractor, remodeler or weekend fix-it warrior.

We have experienced and dedicated service techs available for service calls.

Let us bid one of your projects today and earn your business.

Our Commitment

We Will Not Be Beat On Price

Coast to Coast Cabinets was born out of the idea that thriving in the often fluid world of construction and home remodel requires that we meet market demands during the normal ebbs and flows of our trade. Our business model is built on low overhead and continuous quality improvement, allowing us to stay one step ahead of our competitors.

Outstanding Installation & Service

When we install your cabinets we strive to get it right the very first time, but if something needs to be fixed we have you covered. In addition to our install teams, we have experienced and dedicated service techs available for service calls.

Reliable Delivery

Because we understand construction schedules and how important they are to your project, once ordered, your cabinets are warehoused locally and delivered to your jobsite or home when you need them. Our nationwide Door & Drawer Replacement Program delivers everywhere in the continental United States.

What is my best option?
How much will it cost?
When will the cabinets arrive?

All good questions. Let’s start a dialogue and get you some answers. Send us an email with a few details about your project and a good way to reach back out to you.


We look forward to speaking with you soon.