How to Measure Your Kitchen


Step 1: Draw your kitchen as a box showing all the walls including any obstacles or structural elements 


Step 2: Mark the locations of windows and doorways. Also make note of any heat registers, radiators, or other obstacles that affect where cabinets can be installed. Please label the openings and obstacles.


Step 3: Using your tape measure, record measurements of the lengths of the walls and of all the openings, from outside edge to outside edge of trim.  Measure the distance from your floor to ceiling as best as you can. Remember this is just to get started as we will confirm all the details as measurements.


Step 4:  If you already have ideas for your space, feel free to add them to the drawing.  Don’t forget to include the placement of your sink and appliances. 


Step 5: Before pictures of your kitchen are very helpful for us to get a sense of your space and make sure we understand your drawing correctly.  


Step 6:  Send to us!

The easiest way to send your kitchen measurements is to scan your drawing or take a picture and save it to your electronic device (computer or phone) and then email to us.  You can also forward pictures of your current kitchen from your phone.


Please be sure to include your contact information and email your measurements to:  If the files are too large, you may need to send multiple emails.

Smart Phone

Take a picture (or a series of pictures) of your measurements on your smartphone and you can email them directly to You can also attach your layout and text it to us at 517-897-0233. Please be sure to include your contact information.